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    "Alongside her role as a mother, I believe every woman deserves to make herself a priority in her own life. Once her kids become young adults, this intention becomes that much more significant. The empty nest season is the perfect time for a woman to rededicate herself to herself. Ironically, this transformation begins with her honoring and celebrating her motherhood journey."

Now that your child is a young adult, let's celebrate your motherhood journey! This is your time to begin getting reacquainted with the woman you were before starting your family, She's still in there!


As you navigate your way toward what is next for you, together we will explore how to reintroduce you to, well...YOU! We'll work to rediscover all those dreams you set aside and to uncover those tucked-away desires of your heart. Then, we can plan exciting, new challenges and adventures to seek! While you're reconnecting to you, I'll teach you to avoid becoming lost, stuck, or overwhelmed along the way.


With me as a transition partner, the benefit of various coaching opportunities, and a supportive learning community, you will be positioned to emerge gracefully into your empty-nest season as the woman you were to become after your beautiful journey of motherhood. 


Book your complimentary Connection Chat and let's get started!

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