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Great listener, energetic, inspirational and down to earth with positive energy! Robin opened my eyes and helped me map out a path to my next phase as an empty nester. I have taken baby steps and I must admit it feels awesome!

LaWanda, Florida


I have enjoyed talking to Robin both personally and professionally. Robin is a very good listener. She is able to hear her client's needs and address them accordingly. I have learned how to see things from a different perspective and be more mindful about conclusions I draw about myself and others. She is great at what she does as a coach. Listening is a key skillset for every coach and her ability to decipher what a client is saying versus what they are feeling is powerful.

L., North Carolina


Robin is forward-thinking and insightful. She thoughtfully considers all aspects of your life as she guides you toward your personal and professional goals. Robin is patient, considerate and she is a great listener. I highly recommend Robin as a great resource when there is a need to identify and organize next steps needed to achieve your definition of success.

N., Florida

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